Passport assistance 

76.00 EUR 
103.84 USD 


This service is intended for Congolese citizen  who have already started to obtain a passport from the embassy but who are facing difficulties.

CVCBRAZZA takes over and accompanies you to finalize the necessary steps regarding your passport application.

CVCBRAZZA is committed to getting you an appointment at the Embassy within 15 working days after receiving your complete file.
Our goal is to simplify your life by taking care of the various exchanges with the embassy as part of the filing of your file.

As a reminder, 1 trip to the embassy is mandatory to deposit your fingerprint.



Documents to provide :

The list of documents to provide will depend on your situation. Thank you for contacting us to find out more.


76 €

In accordance with consular deadlines, your document will be available after 30 working days.

CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for meeting consular deadlines.

Our rates include :

- Loss insurance.
- 100% secure payment.



 The cost of sending the applicant's document at home is charged extra.
The shipping rate depends on the delivery method chosen by the applicant.

Please send all your files to the following address :

33 Avenue Du Maine
75015 Paris

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