Consular documents

Cerficate of Congolese Nationality 

60.00 EUR 
81.98 USD 

Certificate of Congolese Nationality is an official document
and the only legal proof of Congolese nationality.

It indicates that the applicant is indeed Congolese.

Certificate of Congolese Nationality are most often
requested with the view of subsequently obtaining
a passport and do not have an expiry date.

 Documents to be provided 

-   The valid Consular card.

-  Photocopy of the birth Certificate.

-  Photocopy of the first 4 pages of the passport (optional)

- A duly filled-in and signed application form

Rates and Delivery Periods

Our rates include:

-  Price of the document
-  Service charge €44
- 100% secure payment

€60 (to obtain a document in 7 working days)

* CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for the deadlines
set out by the Consular.


Please address all applications to the following

33 Avenue Du Maine
75015 Paris

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