How to make a request ?

*Request are made following 8 steps:

1/ Choose the required document

CVCBRAZZA helps you to obtain the Various documents listed  under its heading<Our Services> located on the left-hand side of your screen.
personalised requests can also be made via e-mail by clicking on the heading<Request for personalised documents>on the left-hand side of your screen.

2/Familiarise yourself with the documents to be provided

All of the practical informatio is listed under each of the headings(requested document).
please read it before submitting your request.

-Click on the tab <add to cart>

3/ Terminate your order or continue your shopping

4/ Sign in

5/ Choose your method of payment

There are 2 methods of payment:

-Bank transfer, money order,deposit order(your payment will not be validated until after its reception).
-Paypal,CB,VISA,MasterCard(your payment is immediately validated).

We have chosen Paypal as our partner for payments using bank cards (CB VISA,MASTERCARD,AMEX,CARTE BLEUE) as it provides maximum security,in particular by directly refunding the customer in cases of fraud, abuse or dispute, even against CVCBRAZZA and this, regardless of the nature of the dispute.
information concerning bank card payments is never communicated nor stored on our website.
When it comes time for payment, you are immediately re-directed to the Paypal secure site.

These methods of payment will be validated by email or text message only after confirmation of the request, transfer and reception of the required documents.
6/ Sending of supporting documents:

The complete list of supporting documents must be sent to the postal address of CVCBRAZZA located at 163 Quai du Docteur Dervaux 92600 Asnieres Sur Seine.
The file can only be entered at the embassy upon receipt of the complete file.

7/ Delivery of the request
Documents will be delivered by Chronopost to the address indicated during the request.
Delivery times are calculated as of the time of issue of the document by the Consular Services.
* CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for the deadlines set out by the Consular.

Attention: the more rapidly the complete application is submitted to CVCBRAZZA, the more rapidly the request can be established.

8/ Request Tracking

An e-mail or text message will inform you of the date the request is expected
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