Consular documents

The police record 

120.00 EUR 
163.96 USD 


The police record, called officially national police record, is the statement of the condemnations incurred by a person.

The establishment of this document makes only in Congo.

The police record are most often
requested with the view of subsequently obtaining
a passport and do not have an expiry date.

 Documents to be provided 

-  Compulsory consular card for the Congolese

-  The original of the birth Certificate.

-  Photocopy of the first 4 pages of the passport (optional)

- A duly filled-in and signed application form

- For the foreign nationals, thank you for supplying with more the documentary evidences of residence in Congo.

Rates and Delivery Periods

Our rates include:

- The CVCBRAZZA services 
-  Price of the document
- Property loss insurance
- 100% secure payment

€120 (to obtain a document in 10 working days)

* CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for the deadlines
set out by the Consular.


Please address all applications to the following

33 Avenue Du Maine
75015 Paris

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