15 days visa express services rate (seniors/children) 

135.00 EUR 
184.45 USD 


This type of visa is issued to foreigners
wishing to enter the national territory with
the goal of crossing it or staying for a
temporary visit.

Visa requirements are subject to the
payment of the Consular fees.

 Documents to be provided

- Passport with a minimum validity of
  6 months.

- 2 passport-sized photos

- A hotel reservation or a certificate of
  accommodation approved by the
  Congolese communal authorities
  (Municipal district office)

  This proof of accommodation is not
  necessary for foreigners of Congolese

- A letter of invitation from Congolese correspondent
 or a travel order.(for Business visa).

- A duly filled-in and signed visa
  application form.

Rates and Delivery Periods

Our rates include:

- Service charge €80
-  Price  of the document 
- 100% secure payment

- €135 for seniors starting at 65 years of age.
- €135 for children 0 to 5 years of age

* CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for the deadlines
set out by the Consular.


Please address all applications to the following
33 Avenue Du Maine
75015 Paris

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