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Transcription birth certificate 

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A Congolese born abroad must in principle be declared to the national civil status service of Brazzaville or to the Congolese embassy/consulate located in the country of residence within 15 days or 30 days after delivery.

But in some countries, the law requires foreign nationals to declare the birth on the spot to the relevant local authorities. If this is the case, you will be required to report the birth to the local registrar. You will obtain a local birth certificate, which you can then have transcribed to the CVCBRAZZA.

Good to know: The transcription consists in carrying on the Congolese registers an act of civil status established by a foreign authority.

How do I transcribe a birth certificate?
Do you have the local birth certificate and want to transcribe it? The procedure is quite simple. You must first have the birth certificate translated into French, if necessary. You must then contact CVCBRAZZA. CVCBRAZZA will conduct the transcription at the Brazzaville Tribunal.

You must submit several supporting documents with your application:

• A complete copy of the local birth certificate and/or local birth certificate with an official translation.
• Proof of Congolese nationality. The identity card or passport of one of the Congolese parents.
• If the child was born out of wedlock and the father is Congolese: the paternal recognition certificate.

Rates and Delivery Periods 

Our rates include:

-   Price  of the document
-  Service charge
- 100% secure payment

€150(to abtain a document in 15 working days)

* CVCBRAZZA is not responsible for the deadlines
  set out by the Consular.

* The establishment of this document makes only in Congo.


Please address all applications to the following

33 Avenue Du Maine
75015 Paris

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